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Low-voltage Switchgear With Installation Flexibility

Sep 14, 2017

Low-voltage switchgear is one of the important components of power distribution, which plays an important role in the construction of modern power grid engineering. As an electrical component, the performance of the switch cabinet is the unification of the mechanical and electrical. The performance of electrical properties is subject to the design of mechanical structure, Low Voltage Switchgear and the quality of mechanical structure determines the level of electrical performance.

Low-voltage switchgear is mainly applied to all power generation, distribution, power use of the site, mainly 5000A of low pressure system. It has very high flexibility, and can be mixed according to the requirements and the different flexibility of the environment.

Low-voltage switchgear, the applicability of the main components, a large number of domestic and imported brand products can be interchangeable good installation flexibility, in the future even if the competent departments to forcibly eliminate certain products, Low Voltage Switchgear because the Low-voltage switchgear has a good installation flexibility, Not because of the modification or updating of components caused by the installation of troubled parts using modular standard design, with the installation of Mold hole, the general coefficient.

In accordance with the current industrial product design requirements, the use of the Golden section ratio method to design cabinets and parts of the partition size, Low Voltage Switchgear so that the whole cabinet beautiful and generous, new.

Low-voltage switchgear in the design of the cabinet in full consideration of the heat dissipation problem, at both ends of the cabinet has a different number of heat sink holes, when the electrical components in the cabinet after heating, heat rise, through the upper slot discharge. And the cold wind constantly by the lower slot to replenish the cabinet, so that the sealed cabinet form a natural ventilation channel, Low Voltage Switchgear to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

Cabinet panel using spray molding technology, strong adhesion, good texture, the whole cabinet is Matt tone, to avoid the dazzling effect, to the staff on duty to create a more comfortable visual environment.

The top cover of the cabinet body can be removed when needed, so as to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the main bus bar, Low Voltage Switchgear and the four corners of the top of the cabinet are fitted with rings for lifting and shipping.

The protection level of the whole cabinet is IP30, and the user can choose between IP20-IP40 according to the locale environment requirement.