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Low Voltage Switchgear With Very High Flexible Performance

Sep 26, 2017

Low-voltage switchgear is mainly applied to all power generation, distribution, power use of the site, mainly 5000A of low pressure system. Low Voltage Switchgear It has very high flexibility, and can be mixed according to the requirements and the different flexibility of the environment.

Low-voltage switchgear for power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries, as transmission, distribution and power conversion. The product conforms to the GB7251.1-2005 "Low Voltage Switchgear Set" (idtiec60439-11999) standard. Low-voltage switchgear cabinets are included in the 3C certification compulsory certification products catalogue of products.

Standard for Low-voltage switchgear cabinets

Rated working current: rated current of 630-6300a; vertical bus rated current 630-1600a rated short-time withstand current: Rated peak withstand current (is) 30-80ka; rated Short-time withstand current (IS) 30-80ka rated withstand peak current: Horizontal bus (main bus) 63-176ka Vertical busbar (branch bus) 63-176ka

The main function of the Low-voltage switchgear is to control and protect the power system, the low voltage switch can be operated through the power grid, Low Voltage Switchgear then the need to run through a part of the power equipment or through a number of lines of input, Low Voltage Switchgear or the exit operation. The low-voltage switch can also be used to remove the fault part of the grid in the event of a power failure.

Low-Voltage switchgear cabinet Function:

1. Power Distribution Conversion

2. Motor control (also known as motor control)

3. Reactive POWER compensation

4. Protection against electrocution (direct and indirect contact)

5. Protection of equipment against external environmental impacts

Low-voltage switchgear main components of the cabinet: the enclosure skeleton of the switch cabinet and the internal installation, supporting part bus: A low impedance conductor function unit which can be connected with several circuits: Low Voltage Switchgear all electrical and mechanical components of the same function (including the incoming line unit and the outlet unit)