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Operation Performance Of High Voltage Switchgear

May 27, 2017

Types of high voltage switchgear

1.1 outdoor and indoor

First, from the high-voltage switchgear placement to points, can be divided into outdoor and indoor type two, 10KV and below the use of indoor type. According to a different line program, High Voltage Switchgear can be divided into import and export switchgear, contact oil switchgear, bus sub-cabinet and so on. 10KV in and out of the switchgear cabinet to install less oil circuit breaker or vacuum circuit breakers, circuit breaker with the operating mechanism for the spring operating mechanism or electromagnetic actuator, but also with manual motor or permanent magnet operating mechanism The Different switchgear in the structure of a greater difference, which will affect the sensor selection and installation.

1.2 fixed and removable

From the use of high-voltage switchgear to points, High Voltage Switchgear can be divided into fixed and removable. Previously, the power plant plant power system used to remove the switchgear, and power supply system with more fixed cabinet. With the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of new products, many habits are also changing. Such as metal armored removable switchgear is a fixed switchgear on the basis of the development. Metal armored removable switchgear for the closed structure, the functional compartment separated from each other, the normal operating performance and anti-misuse function Baxi perfect and reasonable, High Voltage Switchgear easy maintenance, the operation of the safety and reliability greatly improved.

Second, high voltage switchgear common fault analysis

Analysis of the reasons for high voltage switchgear failure causes, High Voltage Switchgear mostly in the insulation, electrical and mechanical aspects.

2.1 refusing to move, malfunction

Third, this failure is the most important high-voltage switchgear failure, the reasons can be divided into two categories. One is caused by the mechanical failure of the operating mechanism and the transmission system, the specific performance of the organization card astringent, parts deformation, displacement or damage, sub-closing core loose, card astringent, pin pin loose, trip failure. The other is caused by electrical control and auxiliary circuit, the performance of the secondary wiring is poor, the terminal loose, wiring error, High Voltage Switchgear sub-closing coil due to the organization jam or switch bad burn, auxiliary switch switch is not working, and operation Power supply, closing contactor, micro switch and other failures.

Use of high voltage switchgear and fault detection

Although the purchase of the use of high-voltage switchgear before the corresponding acceptance inspection work has been started, but in reality it is inevitable to have congenital quality problems of equipment put into operation, in addition, due to external forces and machine aging reasons, high voltage switchgear is difficult to maintain a permanent Of the safe use of the state. As a remedy, the user must strengthen the detection of high voltage switchgear. As long as the timely detection and detection of abnormal, you can avoid the accident.