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Safety And Reliability Of High Voltage Switchgear

Jun 27, 2017

High-voltage switchgear is a very important electrical equipment in the power system. The deterioration of the operating condition of the switchgear is one of the causes of the failure of the power system. So, what are the common faults of high voltage switchgear?

(A) outdoor and indoor

From the high-voltage switchgear placement to points, can be divided into outdoor and indoor type two, 10KV and below the use of indoor type. According to a different line program, High Voltage Switchgear can be divided into import and export switchgear, contact oil switchgear, bus sub-cabinet and so on. 10KV in and out of the switchgear cabinet installation of less oil circuit breaker or vacuum circuit breakers, circuit breaker with the operating mechanism for the spring operating mechanism or electromagnetic actuator, but also with manual motor or permanent magnet operating mechanism The Different switchgear in the structure of a greater difference, High Voltage Switchgear which will affect the sensor selection and installation. The same time as the above-

(2) fixed and removable

From the use of high-voltage switchgear to points, can be divided into fixed and removable. Previously, the power plant plant power system used to remove the switchgear, and power supply system with more fixed cabinet. With the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of new products, many habits are also changing. Such as metal armored removable switchgear is a fixed switchgear on the basis of the development of the. Metal armored removable switchgear for the whole closed structure, High Voltage Switchgear the functional compartment separated from each other, the normal operating performance and anti-misuse function Baxi perfect and reasonable, easy maintenance, the operation of the safety and reliability greatly improved. The same time as the above-

(C) the development of high voltage switchgear

In recent years, with the development and promotion of small vacuum circuit breaker technology, the central switchgear as a metal closed armored removable switchgear of the new development has been developed rapidly. The advantages of the home cabinet more, the most important thing is the miniaturization of handcarts and the mechanization of the production process, so that the production of handcarts and rails more accurate. And even a lot of manufacturers of products, the main car, including the main circuit breaker and the cabinet do not have one-on-one commissioning in the factory, the factory were shipped to the scene, High Voltage Switchgear it is easy to debug success, the same can ensure that the car into and out of flexible The Because of the good interchangeability of the product, the impact of the surface level by the scene is very small. This metal armored removable switchgear safe and reliable operation, maintenance and easy maintenance. So the power supply system is also used more and more.