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Structure Classification Of HV Switchgear Cabinet

Aug 14, 2017

High-voltage switchgear is used in power system power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of the broken, control or protection and other functions, high-voltage switchgear in accordance with the level of voltage at 3.6kv~550kv Electrical products, high-voltage isolation switch and earthing switch, high-voltage load switch, high-pressure automatic reclosing and subsection, high-pressure operating mechanisms, high-voltage explosion-proof distribution devices and High-voltage switchgear cabinets and other major categories.

The function of the switch cabinet is to break the high voltage circuit and is the main equipment of the High-voltage switchgear cabinet. Bus and cable is to achieve the connection, in general, High Voltage Switchgear the bus is connected with the system side, equivalent to the source of high pressure, and then after the switch and the appearance of cable connection. The load the cable connection switch carries. Can be a transformer, can be a motor or other equipment.

High-voltage switchgear is an electric cabinet equipment used in electric power system. The function of high voltage switchgear is to open, control and protect the power system for power generation, transmission, High Voltage Switchgear distribution and power conversion. High-voltage switchgear cabinet components are mainly high-voltage circuit breakers, high-voltage isolation switches, high-voltage load switches, high-pressure operating mechanisms. Chong Source electrical production of high-voltage switchgear shell A lot of types, below for everyone to introduce the classification method:

According to cabinet structure: it is divided into open high voltage switchgear, metal enclosed box high voltage switchgear, metal enclosed spacer high voltage switchgear and metal enclosed armored high voltage switchgear.

According to the circuit breaker installation mode: Divided into high voltage switch cabinet and fixed type High voltage switchgear

1. Structure classification of HV switchgear cabinet

Metal closed box High voltage switchgear does not have isolation shield, but the high voltage switch cabinet shell is made of metal, for metal enclosed switchgear.

The safety of metal closed-spaced high voltage switchgear is good, and the basic structure of metal enclosed armored switchgear is similar to that of one or more non-metallic clapboard with a certain protective grade.

Metal closed armored High Voltage switchgear is a closed switch equipment, High Voltage Switchgear it is characterized by the internal main components will be grounded in the metal clapboard isolation. In a variety of high-voltage switchgear cabinets, metal closed armored high voltage switchgear is a better safety. Chong Source electrical production of metal closed armored high-voltage Switchgear Cabinet Shell has the following several are kyn61-40.5, Kyn28a-12 (GZS1), kyn28a-24

2, High-voltage switchgear Cabinet Circuit breaker installation mode classification

High-voltage switch cabinet is also called handcart type High-voltage switchgear, it is characterized by the circuit breaker and other major components installed in the handcart can be extracted. High Voltage Switchgear The advantage of the high voltage switch cabinet is the high reliability of the power supply, the common handcart has the isolation handcart, the metering handcart, the circuit breaker handcart, pt handcart, the capacitor handcart and the variable handcart.

Fixed-type High-voltage switchgear, as the name implies, the circuit breaker and other electrical components are fixed in the switchgear cabinet. The advantages of fixed high voltage switchgear are simple in structure, good in economy and less in one-off investment.