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The Function Of Low Voltage Switch Cabinet

Jun 13, 2017

Low-voltage switchgear cabinet structure and its combined with the process characteristics, in order to arouse people in the system, installation and selection of attention, thereby improving product quality and accuracy.

Cabinet structure is a combination base of Low-voltage switchgear, so the manufacturing process of the cabinet is the foundation. As a cabinet, it not only satisfies the combination function condition of each electrical unit (such as the unification of type, the standard of combination, the distribution of function, etc.), Low Voltage Switchgear but also satisfies the inherent requirements of the cabinet body (such as solid and reliable, neat and beautiful, easy to adjust etc.). Because of the different requirements of the cabinet structure, as well as the processing methods of manufacturing units are different, their manufacturing process can not be forced to be completely consistent. However, there are some key technological features in manufacturing, Low Voltage Switchgear which are based on the choice of cabinet structure.

Low-Voltage switchgear cabinet Function:

1. Power Distribution Conversion

2. Motor control (also known as motor control)

3. Reactive POWER compensation

4. Protection against electrocution (direct and indirect contact)

5. Low Voltage Switchgear Protection of equipment against external environmental impacts

Three important standards of Low-voltage switchgear: GB7251.1 "Low voltage switchgear and control equipment"

Part One: Type test and partial type test equipment IEC60439.1 "Low voltage switchgear and control equipment"

Part I: Type test and partial type test complete set of equipment GB/t 15576-2008 "low voltage reactive power compensation device"


Power Distribution: Feed cabinet (PC: Power center)

CONTROLS: Motor Control Cabinets (MCC: Motor Controls Center)

Compensation: such as reactive power compensation cabinet (capacitor cabinet)

1. Compartment

Definition: In order to protect the safety of the person and equipment, Low Voltage Switchgear the switch cabinet is divided into separate compartments in different ways

Compartment classification:

Busbar: including horizontal bus room

and vertical Busbar

Function Unit Room (switch compartment)

Cable outlet room: including cable room

Secondary equipment Room

Main component of low voltage switchgear

Cabinet body: Enclosure skeleton and internal installation and supporting parts of switchgear cabinet

Busbar: A low impedance conductor that can be connected with several circuits

Function Unit: Complete all electrical and mechanical components of the same function (including the incoming line unit and the outlet unit)