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The Need Of The Box-type Substation To Meet The Safe Operation

Oct 11, 2017

Box-type substation is a high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformers and low-voltage distribution equipment, according to a certain wiring plan into one factory prefabricated indoor, outdoor compact distribution equipment, will be high-voltage, transformer step-down, low-voltage power distribution and other functions organically combined, installed in a moisture-proof, anti-rust, dustproof, rodent protection, fire, anti-theft, insulation, fully closed, movable steel structure box, mechanical and electrical integration, fully closed operation, Box Type Transformer Substation especially suitable for urban network construction and transformation, is a new substation after the rise of the civil substation. The box-type substation is suitable for the mine, the Factory enterprise, the oil and gas field and the wind power station, it replaces the original civil power distribution room, the power station, Box Type Transformer Substation becomes the new complete variable power distribution device. Box-type substation is suitable for residential quarters, urban public change, bustling downtown, construction power and so on.

The box-type substation is also called the outdoor complete substation, also known as the combined substation, it is developed in the the 1960s to 70, Europe and the United States and other Western developed countries to launch an outdoor substation of a new type of transformer equipment, because it has a combination of flexible, easy to transport, migration, installation convenient, short construction period, low operating costs, Box Type Transformer Substation No pollution, no maintenance and other advantages, by the world's power workers pay attention to. Into the the mid 1990s, the domestic beginning of the simple box-type substation, the Ministry of Electricity also developed a ministerial standard, but the application is not extensive, to the end of 90, especially after the start of the rural network renovation project, research Manufacturing technology and scale have entered the rapid development, Box Type Transformer Substation is widely used in urban, rural 10~110kv Small and medium-sized substation (with) power stations, mines and mobile operation of the construction and transformation of substations, because it is easy to in-depth load center, Box Type Transformer Substation reduce the power supply radius, improve the terminal voltage quality, especially suitable for rural power grid transformation, reputation? The target mode of substation construction in 21st century.

The box-type substation mainly consists of multiple-loop high voltage switch system, armored Busbar, substation integrated automation system, communication, Telecontrol, metering, Box Type Transformer Substation capacitor compensation and DC power supply, such as combination of electrical units, installed in a moisture-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, rodent, fire, anti-theft, insulation, completely closed, removable steel box, mechatronics.

Because of the compact structure of the box-type substation, each box constitutes an independent system, which makes the combination flexible and changeable, on the one hand, we can all adopt box-type, that is, 35kv and 10kv equipment installed in all boxes, the composition of the whole box-type substation; can also be used only 10kv switch box, 35kv equipment Outdoor Installation , 10kv equipment and control system box installation, Box Type Transformer Substation for this combination method, especially suitable for the transformation of the old station in rural network, that is, the original 35KV equipment does not move, install only a 10kv switch box can be achieved unattended requirements. In short, the box-type substation has no fixed combination mode, The unit can combine some patterns freely according to the actual situation to meet the need of safe operation.