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The Structure Of Box-type Substation Is More Reasonable

Nov 01, 2017

The box-type substation is a kind of distribution device which is economical, reasonable, safe and scientific in current distribution system, it is a specific pre-installed and movable distribution device which integrates high-voltage switch, transformer and low-voltage switch. 

and box-type substation In addition to the internal switch, pressure transformer equipment requirements outside more important is box-type substation box, choose which material, design what kind of structure and appearance is particularly important. Box Type Transformer Substation Although the production of box-type substation in China has a certain history, most of its box-type substation uses ordinary steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel and other metal materials. The former anti-corrosion ability is poor, easy to rust, the latter price is expensive, and not beautiful, the appearance is difficult and environmental coordination, if single-layer plate production is more resistant to exposure, sun radiation poor, Box Type Transformer Substation easy condensation of the defects. Nowadays, the environmental requirements of urban reconstruction are more and more high, so the equipment supporting the urban environment not only satisfies the requirements of its own performance and characteristics.

Box-type substation suitable for residential quarters, urban public change, bustling downtown, construction power, etc., users can be based on different use conditions, load level choice box-type change. Since the advent of box-type substation, the development of a very rapid, Box Type Transformer Substation in Europe developed countries accounted for 70% of distribution Transformers, the United States accounted for 90%. With the rapid development of urban modernization in China, the continuous renovation of urban distribution network will be widely used.

Box-type substation (referred to as box change) is a high voltage switchgear equipment Distribution transformers, Low-voltage switchgear, energy metering equipment and reactive power compensation devices in accordance with a certain wiring scheme combined in one or several boxes of the compact distribution unit. Box Type Transformer Substation It is suitable for rated voltage 10/0.4KV Three-phase AC system, as the wiring and distribution of power.

Compared with the same capacity of European-style box, the structure of American box becomes more reasonable. Because the European box transformer and ordinary high-voltage electrical equipment installed in the same metal casing box, the transformer room temperature is very high, causing heat dissipation difficulties, affect the output; On the other hand, the use of ordinary high-voltage load switches and fuses, Box Type Transformer Substation low-voltage switchgear, so the European box variable volume larger. The American box change is different from the European box structure. From the layout of the view, its low-voltage chamber, transformer room, Box Type Transformer Substation high-pressure room is not the font layout, but the layout of the product font. Structurally, this type of box can be divided into the former, the latter two parts of the front for the high, low pressure operation interval, including high-low voltage terminals, load switch handle, no load Regulator section switch, plug-in fuse, oil level meter, etc., Box Type Transformer Substation the rear of the fuel tank and heat sink, the transformer winding, iron core, High-voltage load switches and fuses into the transformer tank.

The working principle of box-type substation:

Mainly by the multi-loop high-voltage switching system, armored bus, installed in 1 moisture-proof, rust-proof, dustproof, rodent-proof, fire, anti-theft, heat insulation, the whole blockade, removable steel box inside, the entire blockade operation. Box-type substation shell to adopt steel plate or alloy plate, Box Type Transformer Substation with double top cover, good insulation. The shell and skeleton all through antiseptic treatment, has the long time outdoors to make the premise (complete equipment). The shape and color can be coordinated with the environment 1. Installation of the Lee, in the box-type substation under the basis of a cable room, and in the low-pressure room with a hole can enter the cable room for work.

From the volume, the European box changed because of the internal installation of conventional switchgear and transformers, product volume is larger. The American box changed because of the small size of the 1 body installation (meter box). The box variable high pressure side adopts the load switch and the limit current fuse maintenance. When the 1-phase fuse fuses, the firing pin of the fuse is used to make the load switch 3 the same time brake, which prevents the lack of phase operation, and the request load switch has the ability to cut the transfer current. Low-voltage side adopts load-switch and limit-current fuse maintenance, the American box transformer side adopts the fuse to maintain, Box Type Transformer Substation while the load switch only plays switching and cutting the high voltage load current function, the capacity is small. When the high pressure side presents 1-phase fuse fusing, the low-voltage side of the voltage drops, plastic shell automatic air switch undervoltage maintenance or over-current Maintenance will act, low pressure operation will not be produced.

From the product cost, the European box becomes high cost. From the product price reduction space, the American box change there is still a larger price reduction space, the American box can be modified high-pressure parts from the transformer tank to the tank outside, occupy high-pressure room space.