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XD Hi-tech Switchgear Solutions

Apr 24, 2018

XD Hi-tech Switchgear Solutions:

Subway industry: Xi'an Subway

Subway can not run without power, and the reliability of power supply is the most important factor among many causes(such as communication of each station, environment and ventilation devices). High standard electrical equipment is a must. With advanced foreign techniques, the ventilation machine and the luminaires powered by BLOKSET LV cabinet which produced by XDHI-T are in good operation.

Subway Project.jpg

Public education: Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications.

Contractor of reformation of capacity expansion and distribution equipment project from Xian university of posts and telecommunications.

University Project.jpg

Industry commercial usage: Micron Semiconductor(Xi'an) 

Based on years of cooperation with Micron Semiconductor and self advantages, we are the final contractor of MG phase III, IV projects in export processing zone B.


Power plant: 

1) Ningxia Dam Power Plant: Sign the VRV Energy-saving reform project of phase Ⅰ&Ⅱ

2) Qianxi Power Plant: We are the LV apparatus supplier, mainly about the design, structure, performance and installation techniques. 

Power Plant.jpg

Mines & Energy: Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group

We sign the contract of electric technique reform with the company.

Mine Industry.jpg

Aerospace: Delta Airlines

Xi'an delta airlines science and technology co., LTD(Delta Airlines for abbreviation)

We provide 10KV HV apparatus S1 electric cabinet), DC panel (S11,S12 electric cabinet and DC panel (S1 electric cabinet).

Aerospace .jpg

Buildings: Xi'an Microtek Technology Square

In this case, we set up a complete power distribution system and successfully completed the power distribution project. On the basis of this opportunity, we improved our ability in handling cases, making a good interpretation of customer's needs.

Building Project.jpg

Other Customers:

Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Iran Mubarak

Thailand Giti

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Vietnam J Water