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Xi'an Aeronautical University Underground Cable Reformation Project

Apr 13, 2017

Technical people from Shaanxi XD HI-TECH Medium-low Voltage Apparatus Co.,Ltd now are working for underground cable reformation project which includes pole removal, cable trench construction, cable pit construction, pipe jacking burying, cable buying, cable burying and bridge installation for Xi'an Aeronautical University in Yan Liang district.

cable trench construction

The original cables are hanged on poles and are overhead lines. Now they are required to be changed to underground cables according to urban power planning and layout of the university.

original cable/overhead lines

One special condition occurred when workers were digging cable trench---the cables should go through the road to the other side. If workers dug the road and made the trench, the cost would be increased and time would be enlonged. People from construction department discussed this condition and they decided to use electric drill to make a big hole from the ground under the road and plugged pipes through this big hole. Later they will plug cables through the pipes.  The leaders from the university agreed with this plan and spoke highly of our people.

Piple burying