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Ningxia Dam Power Plant


During the China Western Development, Ningxia Dam Power Plant has been enrolled in Ningxia “the Tenth Five Year Plan”, and been determined as a crucial power supply point in “West-East Power Transmission”. As the first-class thermal power plant in State Power Corporation, Ningxia Dam Power Plant has transmitted over 550 billion kWh. We, XD HI-TECH, depend on our resource advantages, company strength, product quality and our service, we signed Central air-conditioning energy-saving phase I, II projects with Ningxia Dam Power Plant in 2012 and HV, LV switchgear procurement and reformation project about desulfurization renovation for #1 and #2 unit in 4*300MW project in 2014.




Innovation and win-win result

At the very beginning when the power plant phase I came into service, we started to conduct research on the project about construction and operation conditions of the project. With the help of our technical solutions and rational resource utilization, we win the bid on power plant air conditioning project and reformation project.



We mainly supplied KYN28-12 Gas Insulated Middle-Mounted Metal Clad& Enclosed switchgears and  GCS-Type Low Voltage Withdrawable Electrical Control Switchgears.


High safety

■Installed in factory, passed type tests, comply with GB3906, DL404 (insulation) and IEC 62271-200.

■Modular construction, each compartment has individual pressure relief outlet (HV compartment, busbar compartment, cable compartment and LV compartment can be modified individually).

■Maintenance-free VCB has been mounted.

■VCB and high speed grounding switch have passed the type test.

■Plate between each compartment can withstand the gas pressure generated by arc fault.

■Using global standard components.


Protective measures

■Closing of HV compartment  is the precondition of all operations.

■Equipments are metal armored, shutter and clapboard are grounded.

■Reliable interlock devices are mounted on doors.

■Burning arc inside the switchgear is complying with IAC A FLR standards.

■Run continuity loss level reached LSC 2B.

■Clapboard grade: PM

■Switch position indicators and control components are mounted on the doors.

■VCB has been mounted

■Protection level: IP4X

■Logic mechanical interlock mechanism


Increase efficiency

■Modular makes the quick-changing compartment come true.

■Optional cut off inner arc fault current.

■Run continuity loss level reached LSC 2B.

■Cable test can be performed without the busbar isolating.

■Free of inside burning arc accident.

■Maintenance-free VCB has been mounted.

■Control cable lies in metal wiring slot.


Benefit customer

■Maintenance-free VCB.

■Under normal conditions, maintenance interval of switchgear is more than 10 years.

■Modularization structure and logic mechanical interlock save time during power-off maintenance.

■Optional cut off inner arc fault current.

■Compact structure reduce the using area.