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Xi’an Metro Line 1



Xi’an metro line 1, the first proposed metro line, is a key role in urban rapid rail transit system. The construction started from october 2008, come into service at 15th september, 2013. As a crucial east-west metro commuting line, line 1 is 25.4km in length and has 19 underground stations.


Electricity is to metro what air is to us. For metros, the smooth operation depends on the stability of power supply. Other factors such as information sharing among stations, power supply environment and ventilation in stations should also be taken into consideration. For all equipments, our policy is zero accident, zero error, high reliability and swift responsiveness. We put strict attentions on operation and constantly absorb and digest international advanced technologies to enhance our company competence. The ventilators, lighting equipments and BLOKSET LV switchgears we installed at Chanhe station are still in very good conditions.




1. The low-voltage could be applied to high-reliability required system, such as electric distribution and motor control system.

2. Product modularization could meet the local standards, conventions and the requirement of switchgear.

A.   BLOSET, a modularized multi-function system.

Multiple use series:

●Type D:Power distribution cabinet below 6300A

●Type Dc:Power factor compensation cabinet

●Type Mf:Fixed motor control centre below 6300A 

●Type Mx:Withdrawable cabinet below 6300A

●Type Mw:Withdrawable cabinet below 6300A  

●Rapid manufacturing

●Type Ms:Frequency converter, modularized system and standardized component

●Standardized component

●Easy to modify functional design 

●Easy to connect the main circuit and auxiliary circuit

●Rationalization of dimension and layout arrangement

●Space saving

●Easy to install  


B. BLOKSET, a zero accident, high reliability system could ensure the high standard of reliability and safety.

●Comply with international standard, especially the IEC60439-1, IEC60529 and IEC 60947.

●Comply with local standard, meet local regulations and technical requirements.

●The system uses Schneider electric switching component which can make sure the optimal operation.