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1. Advanced technology

For switchgears: We have strong technical force which is approved by ABB(China), Schneider(China), Cooper(China), therefore, we are their technical cooperation partner.

For industrial springs: The company has a strong technical production capacity and uses imported equipment, therefore, high precision, complex and shaped industrial spring products can be provided. Molding technology is good. For the same batch of industrial springs with a large amount of quantities, we can make sure the good consistency of forming.


2. Sophisticated equipment

For industrial springs: In order to meet the growing market demand, the company has purchased several imported CNC numerical control spring universal forming machine; PID automatic temperature control heat treatment furnace; PQL type spring fatigue shot blasting machine; CNC double end spring grinding machine with international advanced level of manufacturing equipment unique to the northwest region. And the acquisition of magnetic particle testing machine; fatigue testing machine and double digital spring test machine and so on dozens of quality inspection equipment.

3. Strong technical team

For switchgears, we have 10 electrical engineers.

For industrial springs, we have 2 technical people and we invite some experts from aviation companies, such as QINGAN GROUP CO.,LTD.

4. Widely Application

For switchgears:Our products cover high, medium and low voltage switchgears which can be applied in large factories and mining enterprises, hospitals, railways, schools, wharfs, buildings, square/plaza and power plants. Our main products reach international advanced level.

For industrial springs: Products are widely used, involved in: aviation; aerospace; weapons; high voltage electrical appliances; railway; automobile; electronics; medical treatment; machinery; air conditioning, etc..

5. Product quality and competitive price

For switchgears: Our main products reach international advanced level. And we have test reports and 3C certificates for the products. And ABB, Schneider they authorized us the right to manufacture some products such as Blokset, Prisma, Sivacon 8PT, etc.

For industrial springs: The quality of the products has reached a high level, met the military standard, and has several national patents. We mainly provide high performance, high precision products.

Competitive price can be provided.